Oleander neighbors band together to fight medical marijuana dispensaries

Some Oleander neighbors say there are too many medical marijuana dispensaries too close to their homes, and they want tougher action by Bakersfield officials. The residents fired up a website on Friday afternoon, and hope other neighbors will join their battle.

Members are calling the new group Bakersfield Residents Against Pot Shops, or B-RAPS. The new website has places to sign their petition and report dispensaries.

Neighbor David Brust says he knows of at least 10 dispensaries near their area, and calls the corner of Brundage Lane and H Street a prime example. That’s where there are five dispensaries within a block or so.

“The major concern that we have is additional crime and traffic, which a lot of our neighbors have noticed,” Brust told Eyewitness News on Friday. He’s upset about the cluster of dispensaries, especially since they’re not allowed in the first place.

To read more: http://bakersfieldnow.com/news/investigations/oleander-neighbors-band-together-to-fight-medical-marijuana-dispensaries

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