Oakland Tribune Editorial: Proposition 46 Goes To Far, We Urge A No Vote – Contracostatimes.com

Let’s begin with the primary objective for trial lawyers, the main financial backers of Prop. 46. For years they have been seeking to increase the state’s financial cap on malpractice awards. Currently an injured patient can sue for actual financial losses such as medical bills and loss of income plus up to $250,000 for pain and suffering. That $250,000 limit has not been raised since 1975. Prop. 46 would adjust it for inflation since then, increasing the limit to about $1.1 million today. That’s reasonable. It still protects doctors against huge judgments that drive up medical costs. The initiative’s second part stems from the death of two Danville children killed when a driver who had been drinking and taking pain medications veered off the road and struck them. The driver had consumed about 120 Vicodin pills in about 20 days, medication obtained from multiple doctors.
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