NY’s Medical Marijuana Program Leading to a Nation of ‘No Smoke, No Grow’ Laws

It has been said, “As goes New York, so goes the nation,” a phrase which, in the grand scheme of nationwide efforts to reform marijuana laws, could indicate that cut-rate medicinal cannabis programs are destined to continue surfacing across the country—making a natural medicine too expensive for the average patient to afford.

Since New York officially launched its medical marijuana program six months ago, there has been a lot of concern that the state’s vision for marijuana medicine has made it next to impossible for almost everyone involved to reap any benefit. A recent report from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has found that the majority of those currently enrolled in the program are confronted with too many barriers to even participate.

For starters, the report indicates that the restrictive nature of the Compassionate Care program—one that prohibits home cultivation and smokable marijuana—has made cannabis products so expensive that 77 percent of the patients allowed to purchase weed simply cannot afford to do it. To make matters worse, the DPA goes on to suggest that most patients are doomed long before they ever have a chance to step foot inside of a dispensary because less than one percent of doctors licensed to practice in the state of New York have been certified to provide medical marijuana recommendations for those with “severe, debilitating or life-threatening” conditions.

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