N.B. medical marijuana test lab sees opportunity in legalization

A New Brunswick-based medical marijuana test lab is hoping to expand its operations once pot is legal in Canada.

New Brunswick’s Research and Productivity Council currently conducts quality control tests for licensed medical marijuana producers across Canada, and the crown corporation sees legalization as an opportunity to grow the provincial economy.

“We are positioning ourselves to making sure that we can grow with that demand with facilities and people,” said RPC’s executive director Eric Cook.
Cook says most people are unaware that tucked away inside the New Brunswick lab, scientists are already conducting quality and grade testing for about half of the licensed medical marijuana producers in the country.

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“Health Canada has designated a bunch of tests that licensed producers have to a pass before selling their product. They include micro, so yeast and mould and bacteria,” said RPC lead chemist Troy Smith.

Smith added that RPC also tests product potency.

To read more: http://globalnews.ca/news/2911879/n-b-medical-marijuana-test-lab-sees-opportunity-in-legalization/

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