Medical Marijuana Businesses Already Forming In Florida –

“Our rough, back-of-the-envelope estimates project that a medical [marijuana] industry in Florida regulated in a similar way to Colorado could do about $780 million in sales in a year. That’s based on what we’ve seen in other states and adjusted for Florida’s population,” said Taylor West, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association in Washington. “That would likely make it the second-largest legal market in the country, after California.” Florida’s potential cash crop has seeds in two places. There is a proposed Florida constitutional amendment on the November general election ballot that would make medical marijuana broadly legal. And there are two bills, HB 843 and SB 1030, making their way through the Florida Legislature that, for now, would legalize one specific marijuana extract, an oil called cannabidiol, or “Charlotte’s Web,” which has shown promise in helping children with untreatable seizure disorders. Those bills, however, have the prospect of being expanded to include other marijuana products to treat other illnesses.
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