Medical Marijuana Activist Sues Redondo Police – The Beach Reporter: Redondo Beach

I have never sold any illegal drugs or violated California law. I have to assume that Im being targeted because Redondo Beach wants nothing to do with medical marijuana and doesn’t care that an overwhelming majority of California voters approved of the ‘Compassionate Use Act,’ she declared under penalty of perjury. She filed her case against the City of Redondo Beach, the Redondo Beach Police Department, Robert Carlborg, Jim Booth and John Does 1-100. Her allegations against the city stem from her home being raided, and her being arrested on marijuana cultivation and distribution charges in March 2011, and her treatment by police in the months following her completion of resulting court-ordered obligations. Prior to her 2011 arrest, Soares had been an outspoken activist for marijuana legalization for more than six years. She claims her medical marijuana permitting was in order when police raided her home and seized her plants. On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, she was returning to her residence in Redondo Beach, but when she saw four black Cadillac Escalades, a police car in her driveway and large men carrying black plastic bags out of her home, she kept driving. She said she sought refuge with friends while seeking legal consultation. They arrested my roommate and took my dog; he was in the pound, Soares said.
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