Marijuana Stocks News, Articles & Updates For July 1, 2019

Marijuana Stocks News, Articles & Updates For July 1, 2019

It’s a short week. But all that means to us is that it’s time to get started early! We saw some big global developments happen this weekend that helped the market move up premarket. But another big thing to pay attention to this week is the slew of regulations going into play AS WELL AS the FDA’s deadline on CBD. We’ll have plenty more on all of this throughout the week so make sure you stay tuned. If you’re ready to get down to business check out today’s morning update:

The End of June Gives More Hope to Marijuana Stocks

With so much going in the industry, it seems as though it can often be difficult to pick a pot stock that lines up with all of the proper criteria. While many think to look at the companies that grow the substance, there is often a large amount of potential lying in the companies that offer alternative services to the market overall.

Another Cannabis Based Company Hits Nasdaq

The cannabis industry has become quite relevant in the consumer market and as an investment option. Increasing market returns from pot stocks over the past years are proof of this. Various estimates project cannabis sales to go from $50 billion to $75 billion over the next decade. This implies that investors could see heavy profits.

How Easy is it to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry?

The marijuana industry has seen an explosion of growth. In that time, the job market associated with the industry has also grown substantially. Marijuana in the U.S. is scheduled to reach as much as $30 billion in money spent by the year 2024. This leaves a lot of room still left to grow.

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