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The questions that arise are as basic as how to transport plant matter to factories and ship finished products to stores Californias approach is “very gray and we try our best to stay safe and not have any issues arise while we’re trying to get the product to the patients that want it and need it,” Carella says. Voters in four states and the District of Columbia have chosen to legalize marijuana and more than 20 allow some access to medical marijuana, but the federal government still considers it an illegal drug with no medical uses. This has led to a confounding legal and regulatory situation as cannabis companiesemboldened by their industrys apparent support from votersstrive to build brands, create higher value products, and expand into new states. The situation makes California a less attractive state for companies in this fast-growing industry, despite the size of the market. Its widely expected that Californians will get the chance to vote on legalizing recreational (what many in the industry call it “adult use”) marijuana in 2016. Photo: Flickr user Martijn Colorado Dreamin In Colorado, where medical and recreational cannabis is already legal, the state licenses growers, processors, and dispensaries. It also requires radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to follow every pot plant “from seed to sale,” much like companies in other industries track their inventory. This aims to prevent plants from leaking onto the black market but also assures businesses that they are using legal plants. By contrast, in California last year there were dozens of raids on grow sites and dispensaries. Michael “Dooma” Wendschuh spent the early years of his career in Los Angeles, where he cofounded the company Sekretagent Productions. (Wendschuh and his partner are probably best known for co-writing the first Assassins Creed video game, which launched a wildly successful franchise.) When he began exploring opportunities in cannabis, he decided he had to move to Colorado.
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