Medical Marijuana Recall By Greenleaf Medicinals

Greenleaf said it’s working with other licensed producers to find a marijuana supply for the impacted clients. Customers were being asked to stop using pot from this shipment, but anyone who already used it is not in danger. “Producers of marijuana for medical purposes are subject to compliance and enforcement measures similar to those in place for other producers of controlled substances. They must meet strict security, control and reporting requirements, and they are regularly inspected,” said Health Canada. The federal agency oversees the medical marijuana industry in Canada, while recreational pot use remains illegal. Health Canada has come under scrutiny for how it’s handled the recent transition from private medical marijuana grow-ops to a system of licensed corporate producers. Like this article? Follow our Facebook page Or follow us on Twitter It makes me feel the way I need to feel. 49: Rick Steves “I have used cannabis all over the world.” 48: Oliver Stone I went to Vietnam, and I was there for a long time.
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