Medical Marijuana Expected To Be A Tourism Draw – Local News – Las Vegas, Nv | Nbc News

This is enticing out of-state entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the green rush. It will also give Las Vegas tourists another reason to visit our city. Potential medical marijuana business owners say this new cash crop will generate a new kind of tourism. The cannabis industry could lead to a vibrant business in medical marijuana tourism and it won’t be limited to people here in Nevada. Patients from other states will be able to use their medical marijuana cards here in Nevada. “I think there is definitely a lot of opportunity and for anybody that gets in at this time. its what they call a budding success,” said Drew Gennuso, a potential medical marijuana business owner. Gennuso is part of a budding pool of entrepreneurs in southern Nevada who have high hopes for an influx of out-of-town medical marijuana tourists. “I think pot tourism here is going to be huge,” Gennuso said. He hopes to open a dispensary near McCarran airport. Clark County could experience a modern day gold rush with medical marijuana tourism.
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