Medical Marijuana Advocates Fire Up Outside Nj Statehouse ‹ Cliffview Pilot

The 4/20 at Noon march and rally in support of state Sen. Nicholas Scutaris marijuana legalization bill was organized by Ed Forchion also known as NJ Weedman. It came at the end of a march from the city train station that included a stop at the federal courthouse and included several of the 150 or so who turned out lighting up joints and eating pot brownies. READ: Bergen judge grants son of reggae great Peter Tosh one-week furlough for Jamaica concert It included an inflated dummy with a blue shirt, pants, a tie and the fact of Gov. Chris Christie taped onto the head next to a sign that read: Kids Who Need Medical Marijuana Live in Colorado or Die in New Jersey and featured a photo of a girl who moved to Colorado from New Jersey next to one who died here last year. New Jersey State Police kept watch over the proceedings, but no arrests were made. Attendees included the progeny of two deceased reggae greats Makeda Marley and Jawara McIntosh, Peter Toshs son,who is awaiting trial for having 65 pounds of pot in his car during a Mahwah traffic stop last June. He performed his fathers song Legalize It. There are just too many medical reports and medical professionals who believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana to ignore the big government push to limit access, McIntosh also known as Tosh 1 told CLIFFVIEW PILOTlast week. The only ones who should fear it are the pharmaceutical companies whose medicines rarely work, or work with enormous side effects, he said. Ed Forchion (NJ Weedman) COURTESY: Jason Arnold Forchion who wore a Christ-like crown of thorns adorned with imitation marijuana leaves spoke of the disproportionate number of minorities who are jailed or imprisoned because of pot use or possession. On this family day (of Easter), think of how many people are in a cage due to a plant, he told the crowd.
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