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A doctor must prescribe the usage to treat a specific illness in patients. Florida now joins the states that are placing the matter before the voters. This week the Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling, by a narrow 4-3 margin, that approved the final language of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana. This amendment will be on the ballot this November. According to various news sources, supports collected well over 680,000 signatures to allow the petition to be placed up for vote this year. After a verification of a majority of the signatures, a court challenge was made by the Florida Attorney General to the measure. That resulted in the matter being argued before the State Supreme Court. The Attorney General argued that the proposal was misleading and confusing. The Supreme Court ruled that the language was sufficiently clear. The debate was over the definition of when medical marijuana could be prescribed. A key was the word debilitating, such as in AIDS, cancer, and Parkinsons disease. This key ruling hands the decision to the voters. It is still a tough battle. In order to pass and become law, 60% of voters must approve the amendment. Proponents of the amendment point out that this is a low strain of marijuana, one that is not as potent as recreational marijuana. Also, the goal is to help children afflicted with terrible diseases that medical science argues marijuana can be of great help in combating. Just like in the rest of the Nation, this has turned into a divisive political battle. Republicans led the charge to defeat the amendment and will continue to do so. Democrats, such as Charlie Crist, who is running in the democratic primary to be the nominee for Governor, have come out in favor of medical marijuana and this amendment. The fear for opponents is that this will lead to higher voter turnout among the youth of Florida, voters who tend to be Democrats. Advocates are trying to soothe fears by arguing that here will be strict oversight and that Florida will not become a haven for pot smokers. Throughout the country 20 states and the District of Columbia have passed a version of a law which allows doctors to prescribe the usage of medical marijuana to treat illness and disease. At least six more states are considering pushing measures to present the decision to voters. Florida has joined that list. There is much debate over what benefits the use of marijuana will have in fighting disease and alleviating pain. There are many concerns that this is a slippery slope which will eventually lead to the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. These are legitimate questions, and there are many others. Voters should carefully examine the amendment and proposals when making their decision. One thing is clear; finally politicians are letting the people make decisions which affect lives, which in our country is the way it should be. Florida joins the ranks of states to continue the practice of democracy, a practice that is a shining example for the world.
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