Feds Warn Casinos To Turn Away Gamblers With Medical Marijuana Ties | Kqed News Fix

financial system and deposit their money. You dont want just huge amounts of cash in these places. They want to be able to use the banking system, Holder said during an appearance at the University of Virginias Miller Center. Theres a public safety component to this. Huge amounts of cash substantial amounts of cash just kind of lying around with no place for it to be appropriately deposited is something that would worry me, just from a law enforcement perspective. The North Coast has notoriously high amounts of cash transactions, with one Mendocino County banker saying more than half the deposits there are in cash, making it one of the highest ratios in the country. Following Holders statement in February, the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Treasury Department both issued updated guidelines on how U.S.
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