4/20 Day: Marijuana On California’s Other Religious Holiday

Since 4/20 coincides with Easter this year, some churches are embracing the day’s symbolism to reach out to congregants, the AP notes . Pastor Justice Coleman told the AP that his church in the hipster haven of Highland Park, Los Angeles, would “put together a talk or a program that wouldn’t celebrate smoking weed, but would celebrate the idea that there’s so much more to life.” There is outreach in the other direction, too: some medical marijuana shops have run Easter-themed specials, including “plastic eggs stuffed with pot-infused chocolate truffles,” the AP reports. For many marijuana enthusiasts, however, 4/20 is just 420 as usual. The back pages of the L.A. Weeklyare filled with advertisements from pot shops to mark the “holiday”: an ad from the Figueroa Patients Association for a “420 Smokeout” offers “grams starting @$5” and a “happy hour” starting at 4:20 p.m. Others offer cheap medical consultations for medical marijuana cards, free massages for customers, and discounts to college students and to members of the U.S. armed forces (though the latter are barred from using drugs, even legally). Aside from the recreational side of 4/20, there is a political side as well, as activists use the day to push for the full legalization of marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington recently legalized the drug for recreational use, and while a similar measure failed in California in 2010, recent polls suggest support is gaining strength . The marijuana industry is suddenly a booming business, too. A recent Canadian law that legalized the growth of medical marijuana by private companies has triggered a sudden rush of new investment , the Wall Street Journalreports this weekend, and the industry in the U.S.
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